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Academic Writing 101

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About This Course



Welcome to Academic Writing 101

This online course will help you with your first steps in academic writing at the Mannheim Business School. In a series of online presentations and tutorials, you will discover what academic work and writing is all about.

The course is structured in seven chapters:

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Structuring
  • Unit 3: Writing
  • Unit 4: Citing and Referencing
  • Unit 5: Plagiarism
  • Unit 6: Literature Research
  • Unit 7: Conclusion

While closely interrelated, each of the chapters contain independent content bits. You can access them separately and, most importantly, in your own pace and order. Thus, this course may provide a source of reference for your future assignments at the Mannheim Business School.  

Module Overview

Module 1

Logout.pngThe Introduction gives an overview of the course and provides you with general principles of academic work. You will learn about different types of academic papers, their goals and principles.

  • Unit 1.1: Introduction
  • Unit 1.2: Academic Work and Writing


Tasklist.pngThe chapter Structuring is all about building a strong foundation for your written academic work. You will learn how to organize an academic paper, how to structure the text body and how to write an executive summary.

  • Unit 2.1: Introduction to Structuring
  • Unit 2.2: Text Body
  • Unit 2.3: Abstract/Executive Summary


Pencil.pngAfter building your structure, it comes down to choosing the right words. Writing in the academic context requires a specific approach. In this chapter, you will learn about academic style and the golden rules of writing.

  • Unit 3.1: Introduction to Writing
  • Unit 3.2: Style - The 5 Golden Rules


Citation.pngVirtually every piece of academic work draws upon previous efforts or results that have been delivered before. In the unit Citing and Referencing, you will learn the rules for good academic referencing and how citing works in practice.

  • Unit 4.1: Introduction to Citing and Referencing
  • Unit 4.2: Rules for Good Academic Referencing
  • Unit 4.3: Citation in Practice


Officer.pngIn this chapter, you will learn what Plagiarism is and how it can be detected. The unit contains a short tutorial for Turnitin, a software service that is used at the Mannheim Business School for plagiarism detection and prevention.

  • Unit 5.1: What is Plagiarism
  • Unit 5.2: Examples of Plagiarism
  • Unit 5.3: Turorial - Turnitin


Lupe.pngIn the chapter Literature Research, you will learn how to find the knowledge you need for your academic work and how to evaluate the quality of literature sources.

  • Unit 6.1: Introduction to Literature Research
  • Unit 6.2: Evaluating the Quality of a Literature Research
  • Unit 6.3: Tutorial - Primo
  • Unit 6.4: Tutorial - EBSCO


Login.pngThe Conclusion wraps up all the learnings of the course in ten key points.

  • Unit 7.1: Conclusion






Course Staff Image #1

Dr. Nina Landauer

The course instructor is Dr. Nina Landauer, Program Director of the Mannheim MBA. For several years, she has worked at the University of Mannheim. Here she has also written her dissertation on product portfolio management conduct and its implication for performance

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