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Corporate Volunteering

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Corporate volunteering is defined as “employed individuals giving time during a planned activity for an external nonprofit or charitable group or organization”. In fact, more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies engage in varying types of corporate volunteering activities. Companies increasingly engage in these types of activities as they are facing new expectations from potential and existing employees, especially from millennials, and intend to seek new ways to address these expectations to succeed in the war for talent.

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Three Unique Perspectives

In this MOOC, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the topic of corporate volunteering. To this end, the MOOC approaches the issue from three different perspectives: 1) the company that offers the corporate volunteering program, 2) the individual employee volunteer, and 3) the nonprofit organization which is the partner in the volunteering activity.

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Numerous Practice Insights

Further, the MOOC clearly goes beyond the academic perspective on the topic. While it looks at the state of the art in academic research from these three perspectives, the MOOC includes various practitioner voices, including managers designing these programs (e.g., from SAP, BASF, or Zalando), individual employees reporting their experiences in such programs, and representatives of nonprofit organizations which have collaborated with corporate volunteers.The practice insights include, for example:

Academic Excellence

In the MOOC, four academic researchers will introduce you to the three above named perspectives:

Success Factors

Finally, we will conclude the MOOC with a list of recommendations for a successful corporate volunteering program. These recommendations serve as a guideline for the design of corporate volunteering programs, drawing from both academic insights as well as practitioner experiences.

Target Audience

  • Practitioners who are interested in the topic of corporate volunteering, especially if they are involved in planning, implementing, managing or evaluating such programs
  • Employees that are interested in getting involved in corporate volunteering
  • Non-profit organizations that are working with or intend to work with corporate volunteers
  • Academic students and researchers who are working on the topic of corporate volunteering
  • Everyone else who is interested in the topic of corporate volunteering and wants to learn about recent developments, trends, and inspiring examples.

Travel at your own pace

The complete content of this MOOC will be available from March 13th. There is no specific closing date, only a limited time of staff support. This means that you can take your time, watch the videos at your own pace and in the order that suits you most. You may also get in touch with other participants through the discussion forum and share your opinions on the various topics. Let's get connected!

What You Will Gain

After having taken part in this MOOC, participants will have gained a deep understanding of the topic of corporate volunteering from the perspectives of the company, the employee, and the nonprofit organization. Further, they will have developed the necessary skills to plan and design a successful corporate volunteering program.

Get Your Certificate

After having completed the MOOC, you will have the opportunity to purchase a certificate as a proof of your successfull participation in this course. Please note that this step is completely optional - you do not have to buy the certificate to take the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to install?

Apart from a working internet connection, no additional software is needed. The learning platform MBSx can be accessed through any modern internet browser. MBSx works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. There is also support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer version 11 and above.

How can I see that I am enrolled in MBSx: Corporate Volunteering?

Once you have enrolled in MBSx: Corporate Volunteering, the box in the upper section of this page will show "You are enrolled in this course". Being enrolled, you can then also navigate to your personal dashboard by clicking on your user name in the upper-right corner of the landing page. A new window opens, where you see the courses that you are enrolled in.

Is this the online learning platform?

No, this is just the landing page. The course starts on March 13th, and then you will be able to access the online platform.

Can I obtain ECTS-credits in this course?

No, it is not possible to obtain credits in the first run of this course. We do not offer an assessment compliant to ECTS and accreditation standards at the moment.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Access to MBSx: Corporate Volunteering is free of charge. However, after finishing this course, you will have the opportunity to purchase a certificate as a proof for your participation.

The course has already started. Can I still sign in?

Yes, you can still sign in and participate once the course has started. You can then work through the modules at your own pace until the course closing date. Mannheim Business School plans further course runs in the future.